Just because you're eloping, doesn't mean you have to forsake the romantic details...

"There is no magic in magic, it's all in the details"

~ Walt Disney

Wedding details are seldom forgotten when planning the big, outlandish, party-of-the-year celebration wedding. At least, until the photographer arrives at the groom's room and asks for his details, then of course they have never existed before.

But what about when planning your tradition-free, wild-spirit elopement in the Algonquin Highlands? Or your romp through City Hall resulting in a ring? What about the epic trip to Scotland you've always wanted to take, and may as well tie the knot while you're there cuz, duh, it's Scotland? Do you still need details - invites, personalized vow books, jewellery, perfume/cologne, cufflinks?

Let's go over what you DO really need then, and what may be a waste of time for your elopement:

Your Rings - all of them!

A bit obvious? Perhaps.

But don't forget your engagement ring! Yes, your brand-spankin-new wedding rings are STUNNING and they are indeed the star of the show. But that engagement ring you've been sporting this whole engagement is still a star and deserves to be in the photos

A Personalized Menu

Food is the way to the heart, right? All too often we forget about the food eaten on our wedding day, afterall, nobody wants photos of them chowing down on the prime rib. That's the benefit of printing out a wedding menu, even if it's only one copy for your photographer.

Wanna make extra easy plans (Dominos, anyone?) Snag one of those pizza place menus, and we'll make even that memory look beautiful

Jewellery Details & Extra Florals

Don't have your ears pierced? No problem! Any necklaces, bracelets, extra rings, even heirloom jewellery from your grandma. Hand it all over to me (I promise I'll give it back), and we'll make them look just as elegant as if you were wearing them.

Also: be sure to ask your florist to keep any extra clippings or loose florals for your photographer! These small details in your colour palette make ALL the difference and really personalize your detail photos

Your Ring Box

Again, makes all the difference, but who would think of it?

This can be the box the ring came with if you like the looks of it, or if not, see if there are any special ring boxes in your family's collection. Still no dice? Amazon has simple, beautiful and secure ring boxes for only $12, with one-day delivery!

Your Invitations

We don't typically invitations for elopements because, historically, they do tend to be rather impulsive and intimate. As the years have gone on, however, the definition of eloping has evolved - your elopement can be whatever you'd like. Perhaps you want to invite your 2 closest friends to go on that epic hike to elope at sunrise with you. Having just a couple invitations made is absolutely worth it, and lends a ton of authenticity to your detail photos.

Another option: print out some Elopement Announcements after the fact! If your great-aunt and your childhood neighbour missed your special, intimate day, send out an "invite" after the fact to let them know the massive step you've taken, or maybe even invite them to a gathering after the fact

Your Shoes - Yes, even the Men's

They're with you every step of the way, you can't forget to include your special wedding day shoes in your detail photos (yes, even the men's shoes that have significantly fewer sparkles)

And no, hiking boots for an adventurous elopement do NOT count you out. These broken-in, mud-caked hiking boots that are carrying you to this next stage of life have a ton of personality that I can't wait to have shine through as a star of your elopement details!

Pro Tip: Set aside your details (bride & groom's) the day before your elopement - it saves time and keeps you organized!