Picnics, Macarons, and Beachy Evenings...

The sun was softly shining through the trees at Longpoint Beach onto the soft, dark sand, and we were busy staging a romantic picnic that would surely bring any lover to their knees. Tara and I scoped out the area for our favourite spots for our session before our lovely models, Kay and Ryan, arrived, dressed ready to get sandy and have some fun.

The setup was casual - blankets, pillows, pampas and knicknacks, and it was perfect. The couple of 7 (yes SEVEN!) years were completely at ease with each other, and the two cameras pointed at them. Tara, who's gift is directing her clients through fun and comfortable prompts, let them know that the goal was to for them to be as they truly are. To have fun, to kiss, to laugh, to do what's naturally them.

When the mouth-watering macarons were brought out, Ryan was a little appalled at the thought of Kay feeding him such a foreign dessert. The couple decided that yes, it was indeed much more natural for Ryan to be feeding Kay the new (albeit delicious and watermelon-flavored) treat. It's the How I Met Your Mother olive theory all over again: it seems every relationship has the Adventurous Eater (sometimes more than eater) anxious to do anything to expand their puny pallette, accompanied by the Gross I Don't Even Want to Smell That Eater, anxious about anything coming near their already perfectly expanded palette, thank you very much.

And that's why couples like Kay and Ryan, and Marshall and Lily, and so many other lovers out there work so well. It's about the balance.

To finish their romantic beach picnic, the two decided to have a little fun in the way of spinning, playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie, and general all around fun-having. Sometimes it really does work best to tap into that Inner Child when it comes time for your sessions (or your dates, for that matter). The looser you are, the more comfortable you are, the more YOU you are, always, ALWAYS results in the better photos. Afterall, what personality shines through that perfect 'soft smile' you've practiced in the mirror hundreds of times? (Psst... the answer is none at all) Believe me, a lot more you shines through when those teeth are flashing and your eyes are crinkled.

From there came another adventure, and along with it another Check off the Couples Adventure Dates Bucket List, but that'll be a story for another time.

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