close-up detail shot of romantic halloween set up for couples photoshoot with halloween chocolate, pumpkins

Dig out some guts and share a couple kisses while you're at it...

Sam and Nick joined me on an Autumn evening in a Dorchester park to have some fun, play with some pumpkin guts, and makeout in front of my lens.

Their pumpkin carving date is the perfect Fall Couples Date Night - it's festive, it's a unique session and photo opportunity (think about it, we usually look pretty nasty when carving pumpkins) Your typical pumpkin carving night may include hair aggressively pulled back, orange goop sticking to your arms, desperately digging out seeds and fighting with that dull kitchen knife you tell yourself you'll sharpen every year (and obviously, never do).

For Sam and Nick, their night went a little differently. Supplied with some decorative gourds and some gifted chocolate bars, because it's Halloween season, obviously, they snuggled up on their cozy blanket and had some fun with it!

close-up detail shot of impressively carved scary halloween pumpkin during couples photoshoot in ontario canada
young in love couple snuggled up close in ontario, boy pulls girl close with a hand on her face, she smiles romantically
detail close-up shot of festive pumpkin guts and pumpkin seeds from halloween pumpkin carving fall date couples photos

We made the carving portion of the evening a little race for these two love birds - and the reward?

None other than some specialty, Halloween KitKats and Twix!

young couple in love snuggled up close with Halloween decorations romantically feeding each other Halloween candy

The two had some extra fun after their pumpkins came along, and made some extra creative jack-o-lantern faces. Crunching down on the timing, with Nick pulling ahead into the lead, he decided to spice his pumpkin up a little. Afterall, he had some time to spare, with Sam still working on her pumpkin's menacing eyes. So Nick, ever the creative, grabbed a decorative mini pumpkin (I knew those would come in handy some how!) and made his pumpkin a little cannibal! I love seeing these unique and oh-so-twisted Halloween creative minds!

young blonde girl during ontario Halloween photoshoot carves a pumpkin with her boyfriend and lover
young couple in love snuggles up close, boy with his arm around girl and giving girl a kiss on her forehead during photo
young blonde girl during Halloween fall photoshoot shows off pumpkin she carved as Halloween decoration
young couple in love pulling each other close for intimate hug, laughing together during couples photoshoot in ontario
close-up detail shot of young couple pulling each other in close for a smiling kiss during couples photoshoot
impressive carved pumpkin with smaller pumpkin inside during festive halloween photoshoot

With their pumpkins finished and looking as intimidating as ever, I pulled the young couple away for a couple quick sunset photos. Even with a clear objective in mind for our session (read: ravaging some well-meaning pumpkins to rip apart their insides for some nice Halloween decorations), the stunning, golden sunset over the Thames River was just a beauty we couldn't ignore!

I brought Sam and Nick to explore along the riverbank, and of course have some fun dancing in the setting sun, as lovers do. I consider it my mission during sessions to bring out some real, true, unfiltered laughs from everyone involved, and I'd say this was definitely a mission accomplished.

(Another not-so-secret mission of mine during sessions? To get a shot of that private, intimate look you and your partners give each other when no one else is looking. It truly is such a special, loving look, and one I believe every couple should be able to cherish in their photos forever)

young blond woman proud to show off pumpkin carved during halloween photoshoot in ontario
young couple dancing and laughing, pull each other close for intimate hug during golden hour photos
young couple in love holding each other close, foreheads bent together intimately during golden hour sunset photoshoot
young couple pulling each other close to almost kiss while smiling during golden hour sunset photoshoot
young couple playing around and having fun together with their arms wrapped around each other and dancing in golden hour
young couple in love pulling each other close to embrace, laugh, and kiss during golden hour sunset photoshoot

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