Outdoor adventures - solo or with your partner - for when you can't go out and admire the fall colours, but the snow hasn't fallen yet (that 'blah' time of year)...

outdoor fall photo of married couple in love snuggled up close under wool blanket in front of bonfire

Curator: Creative Collective, Venue: The Green Acres

"We seldom think of November in terms of beauty or any other specifically satisfying tribute. November is simply that interval between colourful and dark December. Then, nearly every year, come a few November days of clear, crisp weather that makes one wonder why November seldom gets its due. There is the November sky, clean of summer dust, blown clear this day of the urban smog that so often hazes autumn."

– Hal Borland

Canada is blessed with many beautiful landscapes, and much beauty in all the seasons. But what about the between? The between of the bright, crisp October fall colours, and the cold, monochrome, winter of December? November is seldom relished, and more wished away until the Holiday season. But outdoor adventures are not on hold during the 30 days of November, nor are they any less beautiful.

Read the list of my Top 10 Outdoor Adventures for November below!

Cozy Bonfire with Friends

Warm up with close friends, some spiced apple cider (or eggnog!), and a crackling fire this November. The nights may be getting chillier, but that's all the reason to build up a bigger fire! Invite some friends over for a fire in the evening, and then migrate inside for a potluck-style dinner! Bonus points for a creative new recipe

married in love couple roasting marshmallows over a bonfire in the fall at a cozy wood cabin in Ontario

Coordinator: Curated Collective, Venue: The Green Acres, Makeup: Julia T Beauty

Explore Local Vendors and Exhibits at 100 Kellogg Lane, London, ON

This new addition to London, Ontario is a favourite of all ages during all seasons! The Christmas tree is going up at the time of writing, and vendors are preparing for their Merry Market in December. Until then, enjoy Canada's largest entertainment complex without the crowds. Some current attractions include the immersive Imagine Van Gogh exhibit, The Clubhouse, Powerhouse Brewery, and The Factory.

Head out for a Romantic Trail Ride

Is there truly anything that bonds you better than sharing in a trail ride through the forest? A peaceful ride through the woods, romantic light shining through the bare branches, your 4-legged companion dutifully strolling along... November is the perfect time to head out with a horse and your lover, because it can be enjoyed regardless the season, and this time of year there are no bugs! I recommend Home on the Range Ranch in Londesborough - only an hour outside of London with the friendliest couple in charge.

couple on horsback ride trailride through the sunny woods together

Glen Valley Stables Horseback Trail Rides - Langley City

Take a Surprise Roadtrip with Guess Where Trips

Enjoy the unique small-town charms of Southern Ontario during the almost-Christmas season by heading out on this surprise day roadtrip through Guess Where Trips! 'Ordering' a surprise trip through Guess Where gives you an itinerary of a a few hours that'll bring you through a historic Christmas castle, cobbled walks and cute shops, and of course some stops for some delicious eats! Check out the Small Town Christmas Trail Trip here, or pick a different trip to suit your needs

Guess Where Trips - historic Ontario Christmas road trip through snow in November, December

Guess Where Trips: Small Town Christmas Trail trip

View the Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights

Starting November 12th, the city of Niagara Falls lights up to brighten this cold winter season! With 3 million lights on in the city, and the falls themselves lit up for the occasion, this will be the city's 40th anniversary of the celebration. The Winter Festival of Lights includes 40 nights of lights, 40 nights of fireworks, and is Canada's largest FREE outdoor light festival. Stay in a unique Niagara-region AirBnB to admire the view and stay the night!

Treat Yourself to a Unique AirBnB Stay

With AirBnB, overnight trips are more than just your excursions. Local stays in and around the Niagara region - from Niagara Falls itself and St. Catharines - are a favourite among Ontarians this time of year because of the milder weather. Check out The Bailey House, a remodeled downtown St. Catharines home with a luxurious hot tub to relax in out back when you're done with your adventuring.

Luxury in ground hot tub in beautiful backyard of AirBnB in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

The Bailey House, AirBnB, St. Catharines, Ontario

Explore the Historic town of Stratford

Stratford, ON is known as one of the best roadtrippable towns in Ontario, and is equipped with small-town charms, as well as plenty of history. Primarily known for its' summer Stratford Festival, the town still has plenty of beauty in the off season. Wander the beautifully maniquered Shakespearean Gardens for some winter views, and treat yourself to a day of relaxation at Illume Wellness Spa. Top off the trip with finishing your Christmas Shopping at La Osa Jewellery & Vintage shop!

Idyllic beautiful streetview of the historic town of Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Visit the Elora Gorge and enjoy Unobstructed Views

The picturesque town of Elora and its' namesake gorge are a favourite among road tripping and hiking couples and individuals all summer long - but don't forsake it once the leaves fall! An hour and a half from Toronto, ON, Elora has stunning limestone streets. Soak up some local Scottish heritage and visit the Elora Curling Club - they're big on curling, and how many people have actually tried their hand at throwing a stone?

In love, just married couple embracing and passionately kissing in secluded rock gorge, Ontario, Elora

Bird Watch during the Fall Migration at Point Pelee

Visit the Southern-most point of Canada - Point Pelee National Park! Renowned for the sandy beach and The Tip - where two sides of the lake collide in a beautiful symphony. Point Pelee is home to over 390 bird species and 70 species of trees. The winters are mild, and are the perfect stop-over for migrating birds and butterflies!

Monarch butterfly migration, butterflies congregating on pine tree in Point Pelee National Park, Ontario, Canada

Stop at a Local Coffee Shop to Warm Up

These chillier, darker months call for a little extra pick-me-up if you ask me. Support local this almost-holiday season by visiting a local coffee shop! If you're feeling adventurous, make it into a day for a roadtrip and hit up a bunch! A personal favourite: The Cottage in Petrolia, Ontario, less than a half-hour from Sarnia and the US border! If you really like the vibes, The Cottage also has an AirBnB to book on the second level

The Cottage street sign for coffee shop and AirBnB in Petrolia, Ontario near Sarnia, Ontario and USA border

The Cottage, Petrolia, ON

What are you most excited to do this November with your lover? Share your adventures on social media and be sure to tag me so I can see you all!