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As your elopement & wedding photographer, I'm here to bring your vision to life. I love fall leaves, the smell of rain on a sidewalk, and a good, old fashioned rom-com, so it's safe to say I know (and adore) allll the classic romantic angles and shots
I'm inspired by intimate connections between lovers - think the details you'd only get from really knowing - and loving - someone. And those are the emotional details you'll see in my work!

Bucket List destinations

Inquire in these destinations and get free wedding photography!

Just pay my travel fees and I'll meet you there for the elopement of your dreams!

Rocky Mountain Elopement

Stunning mountainscapes, wide open skies, lakes blue as sapphire, hikes with views to die for... yes PLEASE!

What better place to say your vows and create an epic elopement story than this legendary backdrop to make for even more legendary wedding photos?

I'll even come equipped with some recommended hikes!

Ireland Multi-Day Elopement

Breathtaking Cliffs of Moher, rolling hills ripe with adventure... The Emerald Isle is waiting for you to explore.

It doesn't get more romantic than a European getaway. When you add a multi-day elopement around this beautiful country, your wedding day will be the adventure of a lifetime



Gosh... now THIS is what Ontario is known for. THIS is the heart of this province, and THIS is the birthplace of adventurers.

Breathtaking rolling mountains with the perfect mix of earthy rocks and proud pine trees, Muskoka is the land where romance and the beauty of nature meet as one.

East Coast Elopement

I've always wondered why the West coast is known as the Canadian idea. I've always found Atlantic Canada to be just as charming, just as beautiful, just as saltwater-smelling, AND with home-y locals!

A wedding on the East Coast is a tight-knit family's dream. Celebrate your micro-wedding in style with the Atlantic in the background!

Fun facts about me

Top 3 Places I've Travelled To

I'm ashamed to say I'm actually a horrible photography on vacation and rarely take photos of the amazing places I visit. I think I'm just to wrapped up with what I'm doing, but I'm trying to improve!

Now, in no particular order...

1. South Africa
2. London, UK
3. Haliburton, ON

1 / 3
1 / 3

Selena Kitson // Arkona, ON

Before my engagement session with Danielle I was blown away by her professionalism, her website is so well done and she really tries to connect and get to know her clients before the photoshoot. I think that’s so important. She gave suggestions on photoshoot locations, sent reminders and even sent a really helpful style guide.

Danielle is super nice and made the session fun and comfortable. I have never felt so beautiful in photos before Danielle took these ones of me. My fiancé and I are so happy with the photos!!

The quality of are photos are incredible and we love them so much!

10/10 experience!! I recommend Danielle for anyone looking for a photographer. I will be going back to her for my wedding! and I will choose her for any future milestones I want captured!

Heather Dodge // Kitchener, ON

It was such a positive experience! Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and for helping us connect to the experience.

Madison Hall // London, ON

Danielle was amazing to work with, she made the session fun and easy. I have never felt so beautiful in photos before Danielle took these ones of me. I will be going back to her for the next milestone I want to be captured.

Anneke Braam // London, ON

I've never minded being in front of a camera, and Danielle has always been eager to do shoots and has been enthusiastic with ideas to work together. Working with her is anything but complicated, and her passion for photography has always been inspiring.


Available for hire in Southwest Ontario and beyond.

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