What does the booking process look like? It's as simple as 4 easy steps!

Hit Send on the Inquiry Form!

Coffee Time or Zoom Meeting!

Contract & Retainer Sent!

You're In! Start the Countdown

Sending over your inquiry form is the first step, and it only gets easier from here! Tell me a little about yourself and your partner, what (if anything) you have planned for your special day, and what you're looking for! I'll send over my Pricing Guide and answer any questions of your's, and we'll schedule a no-strings-attached meeting to get to know each other!

I love getting to meet you all over coffee, a drink, or Zoom if we live farther apart. This is a great way to just get to know each other, make sure you feel comfortable with me, and to tell me about your vision and priorities for you wedding day! I'll also go over my process, from booking to planning to the day of and what to expect afterwards, and you can ask all your questions

Once you decide you want to book me as your photographer (yay!) I do a little happy dance and then send over your contract and invoice. 50% is paid upfront to reserve your date, with the other 25% being 6 months out from your date, and the final 25% 1 month out. Once the contract is signed and the retainer is sent, it's official!

You have your wedding photographer!! Once you're booked you can expect a Welcome Email from me with a timeline of what to expect in the coming months, and a Welcome Wedding Box with your Wedding Guide, and a few other goodies. From there we'll get to booking your engagement session, and as your date approaches, wedding planning!


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